Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fireworks and Your Dog

Fourth of July is upon us! With this holiday comes BBQs, swimming and, of course, Fireworks!
Some dogs are completely comfortable with loud noise but, let's face it, the majority of them are not! There are a few important steps for keeping our pets safe over the week of Fourth of July.
Firstly, if you and your family are going to an outdoor party and/or a fireworks show DO NOT bring your dog friends with you. Outside they can easily get spooked and run off on you, please keep your dogs indoors during any fireworks displays. Secondly, check to make sure doors and windows are well secured. A dog who has noise sensitivity will bust right through a screen door or window if they are scared enough!
The good news is there are many safe, natural calming remedies! Oral remedies include flower essences: Bach flower (Rescue Remedy), Mimulus, Aspen, or Rock Rose. You can also give valerian root orally. In more extreme cases you can use Benedryl (please call your vet for dosing and to verify that it is safe for your specific pet!) or Sileo (available only through your vet). Lavender essential oils also work well, this is to be applied topically and not to be digested. You can even get a Lavender scented wall plug-in! Classical music or even white noise will help as well.
It's best to be there with your dog if you're able, give them calm attention. DO NOT act like they have a reason to be scared, avoid coddling and act as though the loud noises aren't even happening. Dog's take many cues from us and if you are calm it is much easier for them to be, as well. A light massage is calming and he/she will definitely appreciate it! You can also keep them occupied with a Kong filled with peanut butter or cream cheese (freeze it to make it last longer!), or a puzzle ball (these are available at most pet stores).
These remedies are also great for cats who have noise sensitivities!
I hope everyone stays safe over the next week and enjoys the holiday! Thanks for checking out Tech Talk!

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